Flexi In The Community

One of the most important ties that have continued binding so many of us here in the UK, so far away from our home in Zimbabwe, is our unrestrainable love for football. Every single one of us had a nearby dusty pitch back home where we played the game, and some were even fortunate enough to also play in the leagues. Our favourite pastime has always been, has remained, and will always be football. Thus, as soon as a sufficient number of us had moved to the UK, we found ourselves gravitating towards each other anywhere there was a community football pitch. This then led to us forming football teams in the different cities we live in, and us playing tournaments against each other in places as far apart as Leeds and London. I ran and played in one of these teams for a considerable time. In the winter we played in the local leagues in our cities and towns, but when summer came we would then play weekend tournaments amongst Zimbabweans across the length and breadth of the country. One weekend the game would be in Bradford, the next weekend in Slough, and the following weekend the teams would congregate in Manchester, or in the capital city of London itself. All this leading to a continuation of the game we love and a cohesive diaspora community.  However, it is our hope at Flexi to raise the bar and contribute to Community football. In this spirit of contribution then, a lot of the older former players have dedicated themselves to helping run the Flexi Cup for diaspora community football, using whatever resources we can muster; time, organisation, coaching, or funds. A considerable amount of money goes into running a team in the UK, and any funding will help as otherwise the team has to be funded by contributions from the players themselves. It is with this in mind that at Flexi, we chose to make funding the Flexi Cup Family day our contribution.  You can imagine our joy as our contribution was rewarded with success on the day.