Flexi Family Fun Day 1

The Flexi Cup is in its 1st year, and its aimis to bring African Communities in the UK together. The other African diaspora communities here are, just like the Zimbabwean diaspora community, clearly also tied by football tournament.  Our efforts at Flexi have been rewarded by hosting the event successfully and, more importantly, the outlook is that we now have a sustainable African UK project. Without realising it, we have all along been going against nature: thinking, each time we get on the football pitch we would run like we used to. However, a few set up teams comprising of older players and 13Stone plus players found it a struggle to keep up with the new youthful crops of players. But, the mind never ceases to play its tricks on one who loves football as we do.  The best part of the day came when it was entertainment and food time. Cynthia Mare wooed the crowd with her songs while the head chefs fed and watered the crowd.

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