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Felix Marufu

Felix Marufu
Fortunate Felix Marufu is the Director of Flexi Coventry Limited. Felix has been working at Director level since 2005 and has successfully managed a number of care agencies until Flexi was founded in 2012. Felix is 20 years post graduate qualified Mental Health Nurse (RMN) with an Hon Degree. He is Qualified as Train the Trainer and assist with in-house training and induction for new starters. Felix also holds an NVQ Level 7 Diploma certificate in management Health and Social Care.

Director Message.
As we celebrate the successes of the past years, we are keen to build on them for 2020 and beyond. Just like you, I look forward with great anticipation to new care challenges in 2020 and to meeting and working with families, staff and service users old and new. That said, I do not want to make things out to be better than they are. The care giving environment is becoming more and more challenging, with persistent budget cuts and ever-increasing regulatory requirements. Within Flexi, we are not yet where we want to be. We therefore have no time to waste. We have been through tough times together before. If we keep caring and fighting for a Flexi we believe in, if we look out for each other and pull each other up and over and never quit, then we will come out on the other side stronger in 2020 than ever before.  Despite all our challenges, I personally have a different impression of our organisation than that may be painted by some observers. I can assure you that my Management colleagues and I will do everything we can to show you and the service users that we can look to the future with confidence.  Flexi, we have come so far , we have seen so much together. However there is still so much to do. 2020 is our year to make more progress and answer all questions.  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful year.

Yours Commander in Chief


Email- Felix.marufu@flexicoventry.co.uk

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate us on yet another promising year of success, new staff, new clients and new targets. 2020 has so far been a successful year and we have seen ourselves grow from strength to strength, expanding our client base and stabilising Flexi in the wake of global economic crisis. A huge credit to our dedicated employees, managers, team leaders, senior staff, IT personnel and other in-depth experts who helped us achieve a strong position as leaders in care giving to our partners and local authorities. With our strong client focus, extensive knowledge and training in the care giving department, effective organisation and skilled, dedicated employees, we are leaders in our region. All our staff shares the down to earth, ethical and client centred approach that is formulated in the Flexi philosophy -EXCELLENCE THROUGH EXPERIENCE- Everything we do at Flexi has the aim of strengthening our long term goals of remaining as one of the leaders in the trade. Our Registered Manager Loreen strongly believes in the inherent capabilities of people, which is why everyone at Flexi is provided with opportunities for training and growth based on their capabilities. Our management team proves that it is not just good housekeeping at our workplaces, but our entire operations shall be well organised on every level and every place we visit or work at. Lastly thank you to all staff for your continued hard work during the year. Good luck wishes to those completing their NVQ training at all levels.

Thank you.


Loreen Marufu

Loreen Marufu.
Loreen R C Marufu is the Registered Manager of Flexi Coventry Limited. Loreen was appointed registered manager in 2012 and has held the position since then. Loreen is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) with 20 years post graduate experience on the field. Loreen is also the Responsible person for Flexi.


Deputy Manager

Jesman Muzemba

Jesman Muzemba.
With over 7 year experience in the care industry Jesman will make sure that we will provide the best care for your loved ones.  For your enquires and day- day needs she can be contacted any by email.

Email- jesman.muzemba@flexicoventry.co.uk