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Effective 09.04.18 Good morning Felix, Loreen and Jesman. Thank you for sending someone at the 11thhour request. It was a huge help and relief and enabled me to have some much needed rest. It was really lovely to see ***** again and she put a huge smile on *****’s face. We had missed her while she was away. Thank you again and have a lovely week
Staff member concern 14.04.18 Good evening Jesman
Thank you for taking swift action and removing **** from the care package while you investigating her behaviour (use of phone while at work).As much as I appreciate your company policy and your concerns about ******’ actions yesterday, I still have to say I was very surprised as this was out of character as from what I have seen of her since joining the package here. She has always been kind, calm and very considerate to us all as family not just with ******
If there is anyway that you could see to her soon and allow her to resume her shifts before weekend. Keeping such a a wonderful staff off the package can only cause us stress through no fault of our own. I look forward to hearing from you.
Responsive 08.05.18 You guys proved yet again how awesome your team is. During the awful weather yesterday all other service providers cancelled but you as management drove your staff to and from work making life much easier for us all. Thank you Flexi Team.
Caring 16.05.18 Dear Felix & Loreen
Your staff are a credit to yourselves. Working with ***** is very demanding and full on but they are providing great care full of sensitive and kindness and considerate and deserve to be thanked on our behalf.
P & L
Staff 02.06.18 To Felix & Loreen
I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for the opportunity and chance to work with you lovely family. Thank you so much for all your love, support, education while I was part of Flexi team. I learnt a lot of good caring standards from Flexi organisation and saw myself how amazing and caring everyone at Flexi is through your good recruitment system and training standards. Long may flexi continue to do amazing work it does
With all my love & thanx
Caring 11.06.18 To Loreen, Felix and Flexi family
We are so touched as a family by how wonderful your team is and how they cared for our dearest mum. We don’t know how we could have managed without your team, given mum complex health needs. The team was truly professional and caring.
Love always
Sal, Jo, Mo and family
Caring 22.06.18 To lovely Flexi staff and management
Thank you so much for everything you did for our dad IB. We found your care to be of high standards and skilled.
Well-led effective 24.06.18 Dear Loreen & Felix
We want to convey our love, thanks and gratitude for all your help and support over the years. You have gone above and beyond and we are truly Appreciate off all that you have done for us as a family. Your compassion Have made what has been an incredibly difficult time that little  much easier to bear. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but it is heartfelt. You truly made a difference and we will always remember you.
With unending respect and love
caring 09.07.18 To all at flexi
thank you to everyone who showed kindness and understanding towards my husband during his long illness. thank you for caring and kindness in good heart. Also thank you to all those who came to attend his funeral it was lovely to see everyone .
Olive and family
Well-led 09.07.18 Dear Felix
It was such a pleasure to see you take time off your busy schedule and come to visit us yourself in person. Your presence made the hard time we are going through much easier to bear. Your words of encouragement were so touching.
Lots of love.
Olive and Family
Caring 10.01.19 To the wonderful staff and management team at flexi
thank you so much for caring for Betty over the new year to allow for her husband spend a few days away which is visiting son and grandchildren. you went far above and beyond the duty of care
lots of love Joe
Responsive 15.01.19 Dear Felix and Loreen
Just a little note to express how much we appreciate your efforts to find David suitable caring and well trained staff. Yours is a very professionally operated organisation and the carers that came here were all polite, pleasant, caring and efficient. We have nothing at all bad to say about them.
Please convey our thanks to those carers involved, particularly Mtchuz and Chris who were here to help at the press of button. Once again Many thanks.
Your Sincerely
16.01.19 Hi Felix and Flexi team.
Just a not to say I am so happy with flex and my wife loves them.  we have one main carer Lynn. she cares for my wife from all day while I am at work I she is so friendly she understands all my wifes needs with Huntingtons.  she talks to my wife all the time asks her what she wants to do each day  always checking on her condition tells me when I come home if something is wrong  if she’s been chocking or got any marks on body or had any nose bleeds. my wife went through a bad time 3 years ago she lost her brother to Huntingtons. she started to lose a lot of weight.   the carers helped  her get through this bad time and slowly built the weight back on with dedication and bringing a lot of smiles and happy times  in her life. I can’t thank them enough the girls that team up with lynn in the mornings  are also great.  they always have there gloves on and look smart. most of the girls come  every other day so  know my wife needs well and talk to her and Lynn asking what she did yesterday. they treat her as if there is nothing wrong with her. she’s the same as them it’s only if a new carer comes they just need to be told about Huntingtons and what it involves so they are aware of sudden movements and behaviour problems.   without  flexi and the carers my wife’s health would  have deteriorated and I would have to give up work or she might not be here. also if I have any problems I only have to pickup the phone  and its sorted. one last thing I like my holidays away with my wife and if it wasn’t for the carer Lynn who gives up her holidays and comes along with us to help us I don’t think I would be able to get away can’t thank them enough
Well-led 27.02.19 To Flexi management
The workers at Flexi are part of the family No matter what role the words or the seniority of the role the ethos is best on family and care.
Carers are trained to high quality complex standard. Trainers on knowledgeable and able to train stuff to highest level quality to allow for high quality delivery of care for clients with complex needs. Owners and managers are trained nurses which allows for a lot of experience and support for carers within their roles.
Flexi service is safe as carers know what they are doing in a professional manner and they are dedicated to their caring roles. The family feeling at Flexi is passed on to the people flexi cares for making families and service users feel part of the flexi family.
06.03.19 Flexi Organisation.  Good communication between company and family.  Approachable.  Excellent record keeping which is available to read at all times.
Update service user and family of any changes. Company philosophy is they not only look at the s/u and family and how  to work with one another to maintain the well being of the person they are caring for.  Visit family home often to see all is going well.
Service. Meets the changing need of the s/u at all times.
Performance and Attitude.
All members are honest. Patient. Willing to do anything which keeps Kevin safe and well.Excellent communication with s/u and all family. Adaptable to changing needs of the person.
Overall.  Excellent company to having caring for the person you need the help for.
We feel relaxed to leave Kevin in their care and know what to do in an emergency.
We have no complaints about this company or the staff who care for Kevin we are more than happy they are the company who provide care and support to Kevin and family included.
staff 14.03.19 Carers are well supervised and within my role as QAM the thing I hear most of all is how much they love their jobs and roles and how much they love caring for people and how much it means to them. With staff feeling part of the flexi family they pass this feeling to the families they care for
Well-Led 18.03.19 To Loreen
Your staff are always keen to learn and always grateful for the assistance given to them by your team leaders and seniors. We feel safe under their care
24.03.19 To Felix and Loreen
We must mention that your staff are highly trained to a very high standard and they are able to carry out the complicated tasks with competence because of the training and support.
10.04.19 To Flexi managers
We are delighted to have you as the supporting team for our mum. Even myself and my sister being qualified nurses, I must say the tasks your carers perform, we cant even be adequate enough ourselves to challenge them. This must be from the high intense training your offer. Their confidence when executing the tasks is amazing. Well done both of you
Caring 16.04.19 Felix & Loreen
Having your team here to support mum has made me realise what amazing and caring people you all are. You show passion for what you do and that translates to the relationships you have with each other and the people you care for. That passion is priceless I must tell you.
Team Leader
28.05.19 Hi Felix
Thank you once again for the opportunity you afforded me to work at Flexi. I remember very well the weekly meetings we had. You used to call them Governance or something lol. At first I used to find them meetings difficulty because of things that were said without any hold backs but always without exception, and amazingly after the meeting everyone was joking and laughing with each other and are friends. There was never any judgement in the conversations, it was always for the good of the staff and the people they care for. That is the special gift only you felix have in managing people with a passion. You and loreen leads with the love you have for the organisation and the passion you both feel for the work you do. You as leaders are able to see the strengths and skills that your staff have and you use that to help the people you care for. Equally if the staff have a weakness, you never judge, instead you teach and guide them until they feel strong enough to be able to do their jobs with skill and confidence. I thought you would give up on El…. Because of language barrier but instead you helped her booking English lessons upstairs and soon she was able to perform with confidence.
Well-led 07.06.19 Dear Lorraine,
I have been wanting to reach out to you for a long time.
Just to let you know that I found a permanent job with NHS, and have now started work.(I have put my plans of going back to university on hold for now)
My main purpose of reaching out to you is to let you know that I’m so very much grateful to you, for your support when I needed help with work late last year.
I felt so honoured and humbled by the opportunity you offered me.
I have since felt a need to contact you, and to express this, although in a simple form.
May God bless you, your family and the entire Flexi fraternity for your kindness.
May your children also find God’s favour in their places of work, school and everywhere they go or desire to go.
18.06.19 Hi Felix and Loren
Your Flexi has supported Q… since October 2018 and still on going. I am glad to say your organisation provide robust service in care packages . Communication is of high calibre and that’s what I pride you off . your Staff are attentive , kind natured with empathy and good listening skills . Due to the uniqueness of my sons illness I have fought many battles and I still feel some professionals don’t understand the needs required but you train your staff so well to be of more understanding.
Your team is always ready to provide extra support for my son , however I can decline support as when needed .
You have been integral and supportive with my decisions
Thanks . Alia